Wanting to Join?

We hold auditions every August/September for our annual pantomime and it is at this point in the year that we ask for newcomers to join.

Want to join but missed the auditions?

Main Roles will have already been filled but there may be space for you to come and have a go in the chorus (subject to the time of the year)! Please contact us either on here or on our Facebook page and we will get back to you.

What happens at auditions?

More information will be available closer to the time but traditionally the auditions are held in front of the director, and two other members of the Horbury Pageant Players Committee. Previously, we have asked all who are auditioning to perform a short song and a little monologue.

Is there an age limit or minimum?

Due to the nature of performing on stage we do require members to be 6 years old to join the group. This is due to the times of the performances and rehearsals, as well as having the confidence required to get up onto the stage.

In terms of age limit, there is none! There is some dancing and basic movement required but this will be tailored to our group, so if there is limited mobility that is fine!