Horbury Pageant Players has been in existence for over 40 years, putting on shows for the entertainment of audiences in the local community. Our membership is diverse and inclusive with ages ranging from 5 to 70+. The informality of our organisation has been, and remains one of our strengths. But with assets and responsibilities it is essential to have current, written guidelines that all members can understand.

This document sets out a framework of rules within which our members have agreed to work to, upon joining. It defines our aims and objectives, and how we govern ourselves and our activities to achieve those objectives.



The aim of HPP is to promote amateur theatre in the local community.



The objective is to perform at least one inclusive production per year.



Anyone is welcome to join HPP, in any capacity, be that acting, fund-raising, helping backstage, supporting front of house, choreography, dancing, singing, scenery and prop management or general helper. We always welcome enthusiastic, motivated people looking to be a part of something special. New members can apply at any time, and will be sought through word of mouth and advertising.

There shall be four classes of membership

Full Members– Shall pay an annual subscription, the amount to be determined by the Society, which entitles them to participate in all the Society’s activities and to one vote at all General Meetings. At this date the annual subscription rate is £10.00.

Associate Members– Shall pay an annual subscription, the amount to be determined by the Society, which does not entitle them to a vote, but only to auditions and play readings, and productions in any capacity i.e. Children of 16 years and under. At this date the annual subscription rate is £10.00.

Honorary Members– Shall be elected solely at the discretion of the General Committee with non-voting rights.

 Temporary Members– shall be given membership free of charge. Such membership would be given to volunteers such as stage crew and front of house helpers. By having membership, they are covered by our insurance.

Annual subscriptions shall be due before rehearsals begin.  Persons whose subscriptions remain unpaid at the first rehearsal, will be given a written reminder. If they remain unpaid thereafter, they will be deemed no longer to be Members.  The rate of subscription can be altered only at the Annual General Meeting. In addition to this, a weekly rehearsal fee will be charged. At this date the fee is £3.00 for adults and £2.00 for children



HPP will hold an AGM between 1stMay and 15thJuly each year. The agenda will always include as a minimum

  • Approval of previous AGM minutes
  • Any matters arising from those minutes
  • Committee election
  • Finance review
  • Other business


The Committee

HPP will have a committee made up of a Chairperson, a Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and any number of general members willing to support the Society.

This committee shall have powers to carry out the general management of the society in such a way to ensure the aims and objectives are achieved. The Committee shall aim to meet monthly, with as many members present as possible. Additional meetings may be held as necessary.



The funds of the Society shall be solely devoted to achieving the aims and objectives. No payment will be made to any member other than for legitimate expenses for which receipts must be shown. The bank account will have at least 2 counter signatories. An end of year statement will be prepared and declared at the AGM.


Constitutional Alterations

Proposed changes to the constitution must be received in writing. These can be given at any time during the year as long as they are signed by a proposer and a seconder. These changes will be considered at the nearest Committee Meeting, and if agreed, will be added to the constitution and be re-signed by all members.



Horbury Pageant Players has developed a Child Protection Policy to ensure the welfare and safety of all children who become Junior Members.  The welfare of the child is paramount and any allegations of abuse in any form will be taken seriously and reported to the relevant authority. They have also adopted a data protection policy, an equal opportunities policy, and a Health and Safety Policy. These policies are there for the protection and well-being of ALL members and must be adhered to at all times. Copies of these are available on request.


Personal information provided by members to the committee will be used as a record of our members, their contact details if we ever need to contact them and for licensing purposes. Our lawful basis for processing this personal data is the Committee’s need to register who is a member of our society as well as allowing the committee a means to contact members and guardians if there ever was a need. Members have a right to request a copy of the personal data the Committee hold, the right to request that any inaccuracies in the data be put right, and, if they are dissatisfied in any way with the way we have handled personal information, the right to lodge a complaint.

Society Rules

Members of the Society called Horbury Pageant Players and should obey the following rules at all times.  Members should also act on instructions or directions given to you by production staff.

  1. Rehearsals

Attend as regularly as possible. Loyalty and commitment to the Society is an integral part of its continued success. It is appreciated that holidays and illness occur, but habitual non-attendance will not be tolerated and could lead to being excluded from rehearsals. If you are aware prior to a rehearsal that you will not be attending, please inform the director directly of this.

At rehearsals, all members are expected to have their full attention on their roles. This includes not checking phones, playing games, or partaking in any other distractions that could affect the flow of rehearsals.



Change into costume and make-up as quickly and quietly as possible.  After changing, performers should not leave the dressing room unless called to the stage. Performers should then wait quietly in the wings.  There must be notalking or dancing in the wings.  Side-screens and curtains in the wings must not be moved to give you a clearer view of the stage as you can easily be seen by the audience.


All refreshments must only be eaten/drank in the dressing room, and NOT on the stage or backstage.

Mobile Phones and other Devices

Mobile phones and other electronic devices should not be used and be switched to silent whilst rehearsing.  During performances they must be left in the dressing room where they will be stored securely.

By obeying these few simple rules, it will enable everyone, including the audience, to enjoy the performance to the full.



In the event that HPP dissolves or ceases to exist, the balance of the Society funds shall be transferred to another organisation in the local area, which is carrying out similar amateur dramatic productions. Dissolution requires three quarters of the membership to be in agreement.