Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!

Horbury Pageant Players were asked by the Young Futures team at St George’s to help at their Mad Hatter’s tea party for the happy healthy holidays scheme. The Horbury Pageant Players became some of the most iconic characters from the Hatters tea party and alongside Matt from the Magic Matt Show entertained and joined the children in circus skills for a wonderfully whimsical day. Our Mad Hatter skipped into the room full speed with a giant cup of Yorkshire tea, thanking the children for joining him at his tea party! He then proceeded to hijack an unsuspecting child’s seat at the table and started his very merry unbirthday festivities. Our Dame Queen of Hearts had children really getting in the swing of things, offering to chop off her head as soon as she ordered her playing card guards to ‘off with their head’ and who knew the Queen had been hiding such flower stick skills!  Penny was perfection as Alice, gentle, kind, witty and adored by the children, they totally believed she was THE Alice! Alice also displayed her hidden circus skills with plate spinning and flower sticks. Tweedle dum and Tweedle dee were naturally comedic, clumsy, in tune with each other and horrifically hilarious, an actual perfect duo!  The day ended with some magic from Magic Matt and a visit from the white rabbit who for once, wasn’t late for this very important date, with easter eggs for all the children.

Check out some photos of our Pageant Players in action.

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